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Roxann D. Robinson was born in Manhattan, New York.  At the age of seven years old, Roxann had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ and remembered great beams of light that shown into her bedroom where she had been sleeping.  After looking at the light in amazement and great excitement, she remembers sensing a great peace and that she had "just come down from heaven" and that God had done something special in her life.  Since then there was the prophetic calling upon her life and God would speak with her in visions and dreams and she would know things that were going to happen before they actually did and as she spoke things, they would happen almost immediately.


Through many trials and family hardships in her early childhood and young adult life, her faith waned, but her desire to know the one for which she was created burned deep within her heart.


While on her sick bed and in excruciating pain, Roxann called out to the Lord for help.  She fell asleep only to be awakened by a great light and a voice that resounded loudly “There is a God!”  A few days later the Lord appeared to her in a vision and healed her, releasing her from her pain and suffering. Then Jesus asked her “What is troubling you?  Tell me all about it!” Hearing those words, Roxann began to cry uncontrollably. She woke up with tears streaming down her face and from that day, she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus was real and the He cared about her and what concerned her.  At that time she surrendered her life to the Lord and began to live solely for Him. Roxann had another encounter with the Lord shortly thereafter where He called her to preach and teach the word of God.


Roxann is the founder of “Women of Kingdom Power” a ministry designed to bring women to the knowledge of who they are in Christ and to help them fulfill their destiny in Christ.  This ministry is under the banner of Christ "The Way" Ministries International, Inc.

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